Leslie Gerry Books

British artist Leslie Gerry travels the world to observe, sketch, and gather reference material for his dynamic digital paintings.

His art pieces are based on visits to a new city, capturing his first impression of local life. Once home, he synthesises his impressions into digital paintings — he uses a unique method of creating collages of vivid block colour, cutting out complex shapes and layering them to form each image. This creates a series of vibrant and dynamic images that capture the heart of the city. 

These sets of prints are then handbound at Ludlow Binders, and become the extraordinary books that you can browse below. Most of these books are available in two formats, Deluxe and Standard limited numbered editions.  

Voyage Round Great Britain

Voyage Round Great Britain

A tribute to William Daniell’s Voyage Round Great Britain, 1814 -1825. This book captures a unique mix of history and wild beauty, spanning Britain's islands, bays, headlands, and peninsulas. 

“…to illustrate the grandeur of its natural scenery, the manners and employment of people, and modes of life, in its wildest parts…”

Britain’s coastline has played an important role in shaping our island’s history — it’s a story of maritime excellence, of trade routes and invasions, of defence, exploration and ship building. Leslie has created 42 views of coastal views to represent Britain's distinct and diverse relationship to the sea.

The Standard comes in a slipcase; the Deluxe in a box covered in canvas, including a metal print of the Waverley and a miniature edition of the book.

Standard   Deluxe

New York Reflections

During three weeks in New York during May 2013, Leslie gathered materials for these 24 powerful colour plates. The text is made up of extracts from Jan Morris’ book Manhattan ‘45

“…when the tops of the skyscrapers are sometimes lost in cloud… the life of the city seems to proceed as within a gargantuan forest…”

The book conjures views of the famous city skyline, the Brooklyn Bridge, and the iconic fire escapes. No less visible are the lives of normal New Yorkers; grabbing coffee, begging for change, and walking their dogs. Together one sees the whole city through an artists eyes.

The Standard comes in a cloth covered box, inlaid with full colour printed metal panels; the Deluxe comes in a leather quarter bound box, inlaid with a full colour printed metal panel, and included is a portfolio of 10 additional signed prints.

Standard   Deluxe

Venice Reflections

Venice Reflections

In October of 2017 Leslie experienced the delights of Venice, sketching and photographing the city, attempting to capture the Venetian magic. Over the next twelve months, he produced 29 paintings; a deeply personal composite of all that he experienced. 

"We are not (swore d’Annunzio) and will not be a museum, a hostelry... a sky painted Prussian blue for honeymoon couples…"

Again the words of Jan Morris are used, this time her classic work of travel writing, Venice. This book, in many ways, also serves as a record of a place and culture in peril from the very waters that give it such romance and majesty; examining a way of life at the precipice of change.

The Standard comes in a cloth-covered slipcase; the Deluxe comes in a cloth-covered box.

Standard   Deluxe


Leslie portrays Havana’s beautiful, yet crumbling, colonial architecture in all its faded splendour. This, combined with the classic mid-century American cars that have become a symbol of Cuba and the embargoes of Castro, provide a view into a culture that acts like a living museum to its recent past. 

"…the glare of the sun on the yellow walls of the Supreme Court opposite… the nerve-wracking, ceaseless noise of cars, carts, automobiles, and street-vendors…"

Leslie has created 22 paintings, which are enhanced by the journalist and editor Irene A Wright’s Cuba. This work, published in 1910 gives first-hand accounts of the rich tapestry of daily life in all its curious flavour.

Leslie’s exploration of Havana was awarded “Book of the Year 2017” and “Best Art Book” by the British Book Design and Production Awards.

The Standard is case-bound in cloth, and sits in a cloth covered box. 




This collection of 30 paintings first began during Leslie’s journey to Marrakesh in October 2019. The magnetic appeal of the red city on the edge of the Sahara Desert is intoxicatingly revealed in the pages of this volume. The vivid colours of the city are conveyed through Leslie’s techniques in such a way as to enliven the sights, smells, and textures of the historic bazaars. 

"The slant of sunlight on lustrous columns, the depths of fretted gold… this subtle harmony of form and color gives to the dim rich chapel an air of dream-like unreality."

The images are accompanied by extracts from Edith Wharton’s In Morocco, published 1920. One of the major figures of American literary history, her colourful travel memoir explores the culture, history, and beauty of a Morocco of old.

The Standard is quarter-bound in leather and printed cloth in a cloth covered slipcase; the Deluxe comes in a  box covered in printed cotton, including a set of 10 bound progressive prints and miniature edition of the book.

Standard   Deluxe