Thus Bad Begins

Thus Bad Begins

22 April, 2016
Author: Javier Marías
Genre: Fiction
Category: Heywood Hill Readers

Recommended by Heywood Hill Reader David Astor:

"I had never read a book by Javier Marías before this one, which I enjoyed so much that I have since read 'All Souls', 'A Heart so White' and 'Tomorrow in the Battle Think on Me', all by the same author. And I have a few more lined up.

In 'Thus Bad Begins', a young man goes to work as PA to a much older film producer who is married to a woman whom he loathes. The relationship between the three principle characters and the revelations of earlier betrayals are gradually explained in exquisite prose. Marias has been compared with W.G. Sebald but I would go further than that and liken him to Proust. There's the same detailed but compelling descriptions of all that is going on. Utterly compelling."

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